Monday, November 26, 2007

Malaysian parents should be less conservative and more sensible

**situation 1**
Daughter : Mom can i go watch movies with my friend tomorrow?
Mom: NO! Didn't you just went out 2 days ago? You cannot go out so soon!

**situation 2**
Son : Dad im going over to the mamak stall in front to have a drink!
Dad: who says you can go out!? you stay at home and study!

Have you ever encountered this situation before? Now, what do you do when they do not let you out? do you study? No you end up sitting on the couch switching the channels on the TV and keep on wondering why is your life so boring.

Do you think your parents were right? Why do they say all that? Have you ever thought that in truth, your parents are just being not sensible? Parents are humans too, they make mistakes. It doesn't mean that what they say is always right.

But why do we keep on listening? because they are our parents. And we believe parents have a good reason for doing anything at all. Why not we think about the reasons ourself right now!? Come, since we are all buncha bored people and our parents do not let us out, let us figure it out together:P

Lets figure out the logic of why we cannot go out so often? Every single reason i can think of sounds dumb. Parents want us to stay at home and not go out too often because......
i cant think of a reason:P
WELL, why can't you!? YES,you went out two days ago! then what is wrong with going out again now? you stayed at home for the past 2 days, didnt you? then,you deserve to go out again then! nothing wrong with that! I mean,it was fine to go out 2 days ago, they let you, what is wrong with doing so again now!? It is not like you are going to commit a crime!

Some parents say it is a waste of money to go out so often.Well, then parents should give their children pocket money monthly, then, let them spend it wisely. If they go out too often, they will be out of money, no? This way, they also learn how to manage their finance better. See, we actually found reasons why going out is important, compared to NOT going out, coz it certainly serves no purpose!

Parents are afraid that if you go out too often, you might mix with the wrong gang and do the wrong stuff. THEN, get to know your children's friends! Talk to them, find out who they going out with, organize a small party and invite her friends over, get to know her friends, if you really do not trust your kids so much, then you should get to know the people they hang out with. If you do not like them, then you can advise your kids. If you like them, then what is wrong with going out?

Parents believe that giving too much freedom to their children can be misused. But in truth, controlling the kids can cause worst effects. They want to hang out, but they know their parents do not let. So what do they do? They lie, they say they have extra class in school, or they will skip tuition classes to go out. I mean, isn't this worst? lack of freedom ALWAYS causes your child to rebel at the back of you! Do you want your child to turn out to be a pro liar?

Some parents treat their 18 year old kids no different than their 12 year old. Parents often have a tough time accepting the fact that their children are now young adults. Imagine a 21 year old person cannot go out to a movie because her mom doesn't let her ( dont laugh, there is such a person). HELL, you can already vote when you are 21! they let you decide the fate of the country at that age, and you listen to your mom when she asks you to stay at home for no apparent reason?

What about having a boyfriend/girlfriend!? Now this is an interesting topic. People couple up even at the age of 13,heck,even younger (monkey love,but still:P). Now, why does a 17,18,19 year old teenage cannot have a boyfriend? why do your parents do not let you? they worry your studies will drop? then, prove to them it wont! Teenage age is the right age to mix around with the opposite sex, get to understand this love thingy more and learn about life more. And falling in love is part of the process of growing up, and i know you guys know it as well. Why do your parents not let you?

Parents expect you to listen to everything they say. Even when you know they are wrong, you quietly obediently listen. If you believed you have grown up, you know what is wrong and what is right, then why not make a move and tell your parents your opinion? You might argue they might not listen and they might nag and argue they do that? So, now your parents just demonstrated how much of respect they actually have for your own opinion. You guys ain't dolls, you are smart and you know what is right, then why do the wrong thing?

WHY WHY WHY WHY!? i asked that question SOO MAANY times today. In the end, we can easily come to conclusion. Some parents are just not sensible. WHAT is the word that will prove us the solution. WHAT can we do? rebel. yeaps, you heard me. Do not Rebel by throwing things around and being childish, rebel smartly. Prove to your parents that you have grown up, you know what is right and wrong. If your parents say you cant go out for no apparent reason,ask them why. If they cant answer and they give the nagging method with the useless " i am your mother you listen!" answer, fight back. Fight back politely, keep your voice low, be smart. And most importantly, never be afraid. What is the worst they can do? Cut your allowance? if you aren't going out, why do you even need them:P? They gonna slap you? you are a teenager, will slap really hurt so much? the best answer when they just are so stubborn and insist you to follow their way for no apparent reason, give the answer " how childish you are".
it stings:P

Don't say you don't want to hurt your parents, cause they certainly never think twice before hurting you did they?

For parents, you need to learn to accept the fact that your children are growing up. They need more space and freedom to discover who they are. Shutting them in your small world is not a good idea, give them the freedom they desire, but do not make it excessive and monitor them. If you do your job right, you will have a happy family:)

Yeah right, you can say i am a spoilt brat who just hates his parents. Nopez, i love my parents. They let me do ANYTHING i want. I don't smoke, I don't drink, in fact, i believe i have been a pretty good kid back then:) Parents gave me the freedom to do what i want at the age of 15, and i have never misused it. Educate you're kids and trust them, it would not be so hard.

Being a parent is hard job. You got to constantly worry about your children all the time. But they will grow up, learn to be more independent and be able to think smartly and take care of themselves if they are given the freedom to do so. Guys, if you're parents are the conservative type, i suggest you start doing some adjustments in your life:)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Malaysian Men should not be stereotypical

FINALLY,I'm back here..been away for a very long time,no thanks to final examinations and so many incidents that kept on happening in my life..sigh...Either way,this post i wanted to write MONTHS ago,and now i have the chance to do so:)

And so,i have planned to write about Malaysian men. Firstly, before i get whacked by the men, not everyone are like this. but sadly, i seem to be surrounded by MANY of them:D!! If you terasa, that means I'm talking about you la:P

It is men's nature to be naughty. (straight to the point huh?) . Guys want to have fun, they want to flirt, get to know new girls, heck, if things get better, they want to fling, and if they get REALLLY lucky, they want to end up sleeping with her. WOW, doesn't that just sound amazingly FUN!?!??! of course it is, and in return, since not all girls are "fling-able", they got to target those that are such,and try to have fun with them.
Yes, guys love to do it so much, then, why do they end up calling this "fling-able" girls "slut,whore,bitch" and stuff? i mean, it might sound naughty if you do that in bed:P, but it certainly isn't nice to say that about a girl that you want to have fun with! You want girls to be like that, so when they ARE like that, WHY do you complain about how they are?

" that girl is a slut la..she just goes to club, dance with guys and sleep with them" - quoted from someone:P

now,that does seem like as thought he doesnt like her,right? but in truth, he WANTS to go to club with her, dance with her and sleep with her too!! then, WHY COMPLAIN!?

Then,there is the type of guys that categorize girls. There are a few categories of course, such as "homely", " naughty" , " too commited" and quite a few more. but, how do they categorize them? MOST TYPICALLY, by the clothes they wear. yes, while at times, it might reflect that person, but it is totally unfair to categorize girls according to the clothes they wear. Just because a girl wears a spaghetti strap and short skirt, that doesnt make her kinky or naughty. She could be just fashionable, and she might actually be a very modest nice girl. And trust me, if a girl covers up from top to bottom, that doesnt mean she is a good girl AT ALL! clothes, are misleading. fashion is actually:P i once had a friend who saw a girl walking by and said " she looks like she wants to be fucked"......................
WOW! he must a psycic!! i wonder how he knows that!? his answer was, " yeah,look at what she is wearing!" and when i did,she was wearing a tshirt and jeans. yes, they are tight, but then again, she has a very nice body, so the clothes she wear happen to fit her nicely.i BET no guy would want to see a girl in baggy tshirt and super baggy pants and u can never see a girls bodyshape, no?

lets forget clothing. lets talk about attitude. Guys, LOVE to flirt and play around with girls. it seems sooo fun for them! Heck, some even do it eventhough they have a girlfriend! they just want to have fun,according to them. plus, its not so wrong, you are just flirting, not like you are cheating on anyone....yes...put it that way,reverse the position and see..if a girl flirts with another guy, they make it seem like a BIG SIN!! so what does that mean? guys can go around have fun and flirt with girls, but girls cant do the same? reason : " its just not ladylike" ...yes,and what you are doing is very "gentleman" isnt it? IF you do not like your girlfriend to flirt around, then dont do it yourself!!

Lets talk about the usual stuff people do. smoking and drinking. Its very common for guys to smoke and drink. in fact, it seems like a necessity to do that. the more you do it, the more 'gempak' you are! but what happens if a girl smokes? " oo..she is can a girl smoke? "
why suddenly the taboo:S? if a guy got drunk in a club,people go "yeah yeah whatever" if a girl gets drunk in a club " oh my god she got drunK!? u mean she actually DRINKS!?"
hell, some guys dont want their girlfriends to go to club, but they do so every week! such fairness, so SWEET:P

the best answer given to me why girls shouldnt smoke was " ya la..nanti diorang nak jadi emak kena mengandung kan?"....yeah and ur not part of the process of the " melakukan pengandungan?" in the end, your genes are gonna be there too!! so why does it make a difference? at the end of the day, if you dont like her to smoke, dont smoke yourself. its dumb when you ask someone to not do something, but then you do it yourself.

Lets talk about the fun part. SEX. guys love it SO MUCH (so do i:P LOL). but even though they love it, i have heard this one line too many times that i MUST mention it here.

" i wanna fuck my girlfriend but i want to marry a virgin"

thats like you are trying to say you want a girlfriend just for the sake of fucking her. check out the sincerity:P

if you know you are going to have fun earlier in life before you get married, then do expect to end up with a girl who has already had sex before.i mean, it is SEX! it is a fun thing , it should be people's hobby! dont take it too seriously if your wife is a virgin or not! coz certainly, YOU ARENT!

another quote " dont fuck your girlfriend. thats not nice. fuck another girl"

WOW! even better!!! that shows that he is really sincere! that he wants her to stay a virgin,and marry her later! such sincerity,*sob sob*
so he should just fuck another girl! i bet his girlfriend wont be jealous!
dude,if you HOLD HANDS with another girl, she will end up strangling you. you actually want to fuck someone else:P?
( shut up,i know what u are going to say. what she doesnt know doesnt hurt,right? BASTARD:P)

so, end to end, why some guys think of certain girls so badly? if a guy has many ex-girlfriends, he is such a cool and wanted guy.but if a girl has many ex-boyfriends, she is called "used too often". (you dont even know if she was used at all:S)

SOME guys, just seriously, need to change their attitude about girls. many, dont see them for anything more than "sex bombs"...girls can be more than that:) i am not saying all guys are such, but i am speaking about the typical ones. somehow, guys in overseas love kinky naughty girls,they want them as their girlfriends and they still will treat them nicely! (i know,i have plenty of overseas friends that i HAVE to talk to everyday:P)
but some guys here, they cant think of 'fun' girls and 'girfriend' material as the same girl itself. your girlfriend can be FUN and SWEET at the same time,no? why do you need two type of girls!? think about it, do not be too typical:)

*psst..if you terasa, sorry la wei:P i know i took some of you people's quotes, sorry, but heck, you remained anonymous:P*

PS: i dedicate this post a special girl who makes me smile every single day. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me:)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Malaysians Should Drive Better

Finally,time to write again. This time,i shall not write something too serious:)

Malaysians are kind people. They always help each other out, they quarrel on dinner table deciding whom should pay, they always offer their seats to someone else first,nice people:) but how can such nice kind hearted people turn so EVIL on the road??

In Malaysia, driving to the closest 7-eleven can be more dangerous than running around in Africa's safari. Cars cutting here and there, double parkings, you name it! its like, we are the kings of breaking the road rules! How many people actually stop the when the traffic light turns red? common excuses are "it just turned red! its fine!" or " nvm,no police what..?"

Well,breaking the rules of the road is one..what about road bullies? I am sure everyone has encountered the difficulty of cutting lanes since many don't quite like giving way for others to cut into their lane. Then, you can ALWAYS see some Ah Beng with his blue honda "cucuk" you from the back with his HD lights that he prolly purchased from "AH Lok Carshop and Accessory" (they have the dumbest names anyway). Yeah,you can flash,and speed off,but how far do you plan to go? In the end,you gotta slow down in front of the next car offs are EVERYWHERE!

Kg.Pandan Roundabout is the PERFECT place to prove that drivers do not give way to one another..i've just passed thru there a few hours ago... its like an intense battle, even for ME! People were grazing each other's bumper, that shows how close they are! i mean, LITERALLY, they were rubbing bumpers! ( 6 cars did) i wanted to catch a video of it,but my camera phone is a horrible one:( Friends, if you aren't so good in driving, stay away from the Kg.Pandan Roundabout during peak hours:P

Traffic Jams...lets talk about that! Why do they happen? First and most popular reason, accidents. On certain occasions, the accidents do indeed take place in the middle of the road. But on many occasions, it has already been cleared to the side of the road. why is it still jammed up!? hell, sumtimes the OPPOSITE side of the road is jammed up! we all know the answer...what is it..say it loudly,i cant hear you.........EXACTLY!! it is all bi lin's fault!!!
er no,i mean onlookers. onlookers fault! ( why is bi lin involved in this?) why do people need to be soooo JAKUN to go and watch accidents and causing a 5km traffic jam!? ( all of a sudden, i realize the connection to bi lin:P!) people can be soooooooo JAKUN at times..i remember one guy,he turned his head all the way to the back and continued watching the accident. Dude, you should just stop by the side of the road and take pictures. Reasons from onlookers : " can buy number,who knows kena then can be rich!? " and " i already stuck in the jam so long anyway, spending another 5 seconds to look won't hurt anyone"

Speaking of accidents, why do they happen so often? No matter how slow and well you drive, someone is bound to BANG you. ( If you haven't been banged yet, trust me, it will happen soon:P). Why do people drive so badly actually? Are all drivers like that? Some people improve well and fast, some, are just not meant for driving. I have a friend whom everytime he sees someone driving like an idiot, he would say " that must be a women" and when we check the car out, he is right! 99% of the time, there are women!! ( the other 1% is a sissy guy )

Women are so dangerous on the road. Well, on second thought, they are dangerous everywhere. I was once in this girl's car, she gave me a lift back home..her eyes are fixed to the front screen ONLY!! she doesn't notices anything in her side mirror or any other mirrors! she only drove me for less than 1 km, and she nearly bang into a car, twice. Women, are just too dangerous on the road! the Govermont should make them all go through 100 hours of driving practice before giving them a license! instead, we let them do 10 hours on the road, and even teach them " faster,the light is red, go faster~!" I personally was hit by an auntie. My car was not moving, waiting to turn into the right lane. The auntie tried to squeeze into my left, she failed and she hit one quarter of my bumper together with my left rear lights. wow..check out the misjudgment. If it was a slight graze, excusable. But this is a whole quarter of my bumper length! How did she even try to squeeze thru? after banging, she gave all her particulars and asked me to claim insurance. THAT,was my mistake!

Friends, claiming insurance isn't really an easy job. For the clearance alone, the company will take at least 2 weeks to clear. Fortunately, they can now do knock to knock claim, so ur workshop can start repairs on your car, but our police takes 10 days to come up with an investigation report ( wow,must be one hard investigation...prolly CSI level). So,until the investigation report comes out, insurance will not be cleared. Even after it is cleared, the insurance company will still come to you looking for your IC number, insurance policy,bla bla..its so annoying! so, the next time someone Bangs you, ask for money straight away,if they cant give it, PUNCH em:P

Friday, September 28, 2007

Malaysians should NOT be racist!

This was not supposed to be what i wanted to write,but i ended up witnessing and being involved with too many events that involves racism, so i MUST write this!!!! i DON'T care, hate me all you want after this,but i still insist on writing about this!!
if you are thinking this is a post to complain about how the minority races are being discriminated, then sorry, you are totally wrong. This is the complete opposite! I'm writing so people STOP COMPLAINING about discrimination!
Recently, someone posted a complain in the bulletin board,regarding UNITEN who will be having the final examination,right before and after Deepavali. Final examination will begin,then we have 1 day break for Deepavali holiday,and then it continues again. So,furious of the fact, someone posted this in the bulletin :-

" For all UNITEN indian students who
will be celebrating Deepavali/Diwali
this year,I have an announcement for
you'll.This year Diwali is cancelled
officially by our UNITEN
administration who wants us not to
celebrate,they are having exam one day
before and after our auspicious
day.Gosh,thankx for the respect!!

Actually if we notice,it should be
RAYA which comes in between our
semester but because we are giving way
to them,one week holidays,we have to
sit in campus and celebrate amongst
us.Y give way for them to celebrate
nicely and we suffer when in reality
its their Raya which is in between the
semester?Is this what we call fairness?
Whats the point of celebrating 50years
independence if we the non-malays are
still,till today not respected in a
instuition where we make the majority
of the students?

Stand up my dear brother and sisters
for your rights,whats happening to us
can and will surely repeated to our
future generation.This is no-reposting
scam,just want our ppl to know that we
are also united.Stop being hypocrites
by being afraid to speak up becoz
those who are scared to speak the
truth dont speak the truth. "

then,after 8 names written in short form by indians (who prolly don't want their name known) ,one malay guy wrote his real name and said "yeah im malay,so?". What uniten did isn't actually discrimination to the indians, i call it poor planning perhaps to not realize a festival falling during our finals? But that one malay guy who supported this bulletin just goes to show, malay's aren't discriminating us all together, some,MANY are actually on our side and trying to help us!

the non-malays actually think malays are discriminating us so much. They do not respect our festival and have exams in between! well, then open your eyes, coz UNITEN are not the only one having exams on that day, Taylor's college and MMU too are having exams then (supp paper tho). it just so happens that Deepavali falls during that period,and its either they push it WAYY earlier,and we cut down our leave, or we have it that time itself!

whats that? they would never have exams during hari raya period you say? think again. SPM 2005 started,then they took a break for Hari Raya, and they continued again. if festivals falls during the exam season,what can we do?

Putting exams aside, lately so many people are coming up and telling me they are moving to another country, that discrimination in this country is high, the malays are not treating us fairly, the non-majority race will always suffer,bla bla bla. Seriously, do you think the malays are discriminating us? i do agree that the govermont are giving ALOT, hell ALOT of benefits to the bumiputra community, education wise especially. Lets say they do not do that, what will happen then? Part of the malay community will not like it, the govermont loses votes, opposition gains more seats. Its all POLITICS!

Are we really suffering right now? are you guys not doing your degree,or masters? or does your father or uncle has a PhD? are you not eating delicious food? Your family not earning enough money? Then, we aren't suffering at all! Things can get better, which is what each non-bumiputra party is trying for, but change cannot take place SUDDENLY! And the Malay community itself isn't discriminating us! They are a good bunch of people, friendly and fun, and their girls are smoking hot:P

the NON-MALAYS are discriminating them actually! don't believe me? if a chinese guy buys PS2 in, he might get it for 600 bucks. If a malay guy goes, he buys it for RM 650:P
well, i once ordered chinese tea ice, and he charged me 60 cents. my friend ordered the same thing for 50 cents. A buncha malay guys playing football, and the indian goes like " they are malay,dont feel like playing with them"THAT IS DISCRIMINATION AND RACISM!
Fortunately,it doesn't happen all the time.

Racism still happens everywhere. Earlier,few months back, there was this stupid nasty rumour about malay's chopping indians in johor. my family is there, they didnt get chopped. maybe they look like jamaicans:P? People spread racism rumours and many of our parents grow up trying their best to separate us by races. it does no good, it only separates us further and makes us more racist.

But not all people are like that of course. I was once in a train with my ex-gf, when we were chatting with a random friendly uncle. she then asked what race is he, since he looks like malay but he could be chinese too. the uncle answered " im a malaysian" **true story**

Is that even possible all the time? Not soon for sure,maybe not even for the next 100 years:) What can we do to help make it possible? stop being racist:) Do not discriminate or make fun of other races, do not even look at them as different than us, be proud of your country coz its actually a nice place to be. Don't misunderstand me, you can hate the govermont all you want, the govermont isn't the country, we are. The people in this country represents the country itself. And if you look at your friend today, remember, he is also a malaysian. nowdays, we are mixing very well. we have indian+ malay and Indian+chinese (they look super hot) and all kinda weird mixtures. One day,we all gonna mix so much that we will end up becoming malaysians! to make this happen better, find a boyfriend of the different race. **psst, any chindian girls or malay girls interested,contact me:P** LOL just kidding honey,dont marah:P

Well,the bottom line is, racism will continue to exist, it is one of the hardest thing to be stopped. But, we can at least reduce it, do not make fun or discriminate other races in their future.

When you get your own kids, do not teach them what race they are, teach them of their religion, and tell them, you are a malaysian:)

Credits :-
gonna say a big thank you to people who have helped promote this blog. I'm being too serious already,i'll make the next post funnier. I was planning to write about " women on the road".
neway,thanks to all this people who have helped me promote!!

Liz Too Hui Ling
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all all those who have helped me start up a blog again! sorry, i promise i'll make the next one a funny one:P

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Malaysians need to work together

as i was reading the newspaper today,this are news that i have came across...

Night of terror for siblings

Three teens slashed near cyber cafe
Molest of students triggers alarm in Brickfields

Nearly everyday you see crimes happening all around it going to be like a regular normal thingy we have to go thru everyday? i went on MSN, and one person lost her handphone and couple of other possession of hers because her car got broke into. Many people will call her careless, its her fault for leaving the bag inside the car ( she said so herself:P) and another girl lost her handphone because of a snatch thief. Again, people call her careless because she was using her handphone beside the road.I mean,she should know that the roadside is dangerous, and snatch thieves are always around, looking for victims! its not the snatch thief's fault, its hers!!

What next? That girl got raped!! well,its her fault for having such a nice body! if she was 152 kg,she would be safe,right? LOOK, that guy just got mugged! well,its his fault for being such a wimp, so he actually asked for it! WOW, i don't think this actually happened many many many years back,no?

The thing now is, crime rate keeps on increasing, tho the police report says otherwise, but to me personally, i go on MSN everyday, and i hear new stories about what is happening to my friends. Let me tell you a story, about a friend of mine who happened to be mugged. He was walking back from times square at 10:30 pm. It happened EXACTLY beside the main roadside, the one where there are 4 lanes of traffic, and it was a Saturday night. Bukit Bintang on a saturday night at that time, i'm sure many know how pack it can be,right? YET,he was mugged right there, in front of HUNDREDS of people! he yelled for help, but non came to his aid. they had the time to whack him,injure him till he lost consciousness and took away his bag. They had time to do this, but no one caught them? According to him, many came to his aid after the incident, but none during.

Why didn't he receive any help when 5 guys was whacking the shit out of him? I'll tell you why, because Malaysians are afraid. They are afraid that if they did go to his aid, they might be injured instead. Why risk that? Better him being injured than you,right? Imagine if it was you who was being mugged? Perhaps,many of you guys and girls have no idea, how scary it is to have 5 guys surrounding you, threatening you and beating you up. Being alone, the only thing you can do is to shout for help, and praying to god that you do not end up dead. Would you want that to happen to you? Or what if you brother and sisters was one day mugged, beaten to dead at the same place as my friend? Wouldn't you ask yourself, why didn't people came to his aid?

They were 5 of them, at least 30 people could have came out from their car, from the shops nearby, pedestrians, HELL 30 isn't even a lot! if your are so afraid to go nearby and punch them, throw your water bottles, umbrella, High heels (boy those are deadly) ,panties, ANYTHING,then run for your lives! if 30 people threw something at them, it might scare them off at least! Come on, be realistic, even if there was 5 Bruce Lee in that mugging group, 30 people rushing to them with car jacks and steering locks WILL scare them off!!

What is my point here? My point is, if you see anyone in trouble, look to the guy beside you, shout to him " wei diorang tengah belasah budak tu, rompak kot, jom pergi tolong"....and if that person beside you asks the one beside him, you would have more in your group. And perhaps, this small act of kindness would save a life on that day.

If everyone in Malaysia are capable of working together and helping out each other, we can save lives, we can help our mother and fathers,sisters and brothers from being victims of criminals. I am not asking you to catch those criminals, no, i am asking you to at least help other malaysians around you before they become a victim. i am BEGGING you, do not let someone suffer right in front of your eyes. Rather than mourning for their loss after it has happened, help them while their heart still beats.

My deepest condolences to the family of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin. Witnesses have said that they saw her being dragged into her car i believe. If i was there, i would have at least tried something to prevent this from happening. I risk being killed if i went there alone, i know. But, that girl was someone's baby. it was worth dying for.

Malaysians, please help each other.